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Issue 4, May 2018


In this Issue

  • Technology Services: News and Updates
  • Digital Learning: News and Updates
  • Better Know a Tech - Jeff Wilbur
  • Better Know a DIF - Jill Snotherly


Technology Services: News and Updates

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

For staff new to Windows 10, on a new laptop, or a reimaged system, there are tip and tricks available here to help you learn the new features and options in Windows 10.

Microsoft Office Home Downloads for Teachers/Staff

Microsoft Office 2016 downloads are now available for all MCS Staff! You may go to and sign in with your MCS email and network password, and you will have a button to download and install Office 2016 on your home computer. Both Windows and Mac computers are supported. Please be aware that this is only for MCS staff-owned home computers - installing on other systems is a violation of the Microsoft license agreement and MCS Acceptable Use Policy. More instructions are available here.

OpenShot Video Editor

Microsoft has dropped support for the old Windows Movie Maker. They are releasing new features to restore video editing, but in the meantime we have published OpenShot Video Editor in SCCM. This is a full-featured open source video editing program. Full documentation and tutorials are available online here.

Setting Power Button Behavior on Your Laptop

We have removed a policy restriction that forced the power button on computers and laptops fully shut down and power off. We realized this was an inconvenience with the design of the new convertible laptop models where the power button is on the laptop edge and can be accidentally touched. Instructions for changing the default power button behavior are available here.

New Google Features - Calendar Updates

Google has also added new features to Calendar. Please go here for more information. There are great tips on using tools like ‘Find a Time’ to schedule meetings at times when all attendants are available

Google Drive File Stream - Installing and Use

Google File Stream is now the official replacement for Google Drive Sync. The File Stream install is now available on the SCCM Software Center on MCS computers. Running the job and signing in to your Google account will add a G:\ drive to your computer which gives on-demand access to your Google Drive files. The install removes the old Drive Sync clients. See here for full instructions on installing the File Stream client, and here for basic use tips.

New Google Mail Interface Available

Google has revamped the Gmail interface - adding features from the mobile version, adding additional quick tools, and adding Tasks and Calendar access directly to the Gmail webpage. A full rundown of the new features is available here, and a quick guide here. Turning on the new interface is optional - follow these instructions in order to enable the new Gmail on your account.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is available to all MCS staff! You may now setup Hangouts Meet web conferences that can be joined from any web browser, including the ability for phone dial-in participants. See here for information on using Hangouts Meet.

LINQ Timekeeper - Important Info

  • As shared in the Moore Learning Conference announcement, the conference registration features of LINQ Timekeeper have been enabled. This required extending the Timekeeper web page logout time. All users that use Timekeeper should now remember to use the ‘Logout’ button when they are done with any Timekeeper session. This is always good security practice - never leave a system logged in when you are finished using it.


Digital Learning: News and Updates

Digital Learning Competencies

Our duty as a digital learning team is to make the process of earning DLC credits as smooth and painless as possible for teachers and other certified staff. As part of this, we have revamped our CEU system and process so that it’s more accurate and timely for all!

Earlier this year, as we moved forward with changing “Technology” to “Digital Learning” in our CEU credit system, two large issues were uncovered- 1) many CEU credits are uncategorized, leading to folks being short in categories such as Digital Learning (see example below), and 2) nearly 100 courses over the last 5 years that should have been labeled Technology (now digital learning) were miscategorized.

We’re now happy to say that all identified courses have been adjusted and our CEU categories are accurate. If you see any issues within your CEU report, please forward those to the C&I Department, ℅ Nancy Freeland. If you still need assistance in acquiring DLC credits, please contact your DIF!

Moore Learning Conference Registration

Along with our CEU credit process, we are in the process of redesigning the workshop signup / attendance process so that we can more easily/quickly award you CEUs in the future. The DIFs have been piloting this in schools and we are now ready for our first big wave- signing up for the Moore Learning Conference (held at UPHS, Aug 15-17).

Check out the MLC website to see the listing of sessions being offered each day: . Next, head to Time Keeper to sign up for the workshops you would like to attend: . For a quick video tutorial of this process, please click here.

We hope this new process will allow us to more easily track and award CEUs in Moore County.

Building Engineers in K-5 Classrooms - Showcase/PD Opportunity

This past May 4th, our digital learning team hosted our NCDPI Showcase Grant event- Building Engineers in K-5 Classrooms. We welcomed 200 educators from 32 different North Carolina counties to the Pinecrest High School gym. At the event, they were able to see our K-5 students in action, programming and engineering their robots to complete challenging tasks. The educators also took part in rich professional development centered around the engineering/design process and how to incorporate it within their classrooms.

The day was a huge hit! We want to thank PCHS for hosting as well as everyone for coming and enthusiastically participating as well as cheering our rock-star robotics students on! Check out the website for the event (with all materials/resources listed) here: .

Online NCCAT Courses for DLC Credits

Did you know that NCCAT offers free, online courses for CEU credit? Check out their catalog of courses here, including 10 courses designed for DLC credits!


Better Know a Tech!

Jeff Wilbur

Schools Served: All- Jeff works in our Network Engineering Department.

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

  • I like the fact that I get to work with a wide variety of systems,
    services and people. I enjoy getting out and working in the schools
    and meeting people.


  • I have been married to my wife Tj for over 20 years. I have a
    step-daughter Jennifer who still lives in Florida. We have two dogs
    here in NC and one “Grand-cat,” in Florida.


  • I ride my motorcycle as much as possible. While living in Florida; we
    used to sail quite a bit. I also like to shoot Trap & Skeet.


Better Know a DIF!

Jill Snotherly

Schools I Serve: West End ES, Southern Pines PS, Westmoore ES

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

  • The best part of my job is to see children love learning new things. I get excited to see students come up to me and say, “hey Lego Lady or Engineer Teacher when are you coming back to my class?” The lessons provide an environment for children to be creative, collaborative, communicative, and much critical thinking is going on among all students. They are engaged in their learning process. We are preparing the future for jobs that have not been created yet. It is more rewarding when the teacher is an active facilitator helping co-teach the lesson and carries on with these lessons on their own. The DIF team is an amazing group of accomplished and distinguished educators that really support me professionally. Our collaborative team has carried some remarkable events and lessons PreK-12th grade. As an educator you are a lifelong learner, and as a DIF you have to stay on top of the cutting edge technology world by sharing, following, and experimenting with the latest inventions, and careers.


  • Twin A - Libby

    Twin B - Jan

    9th Graders at Pinecrest and very involved in many sports and clubs. They play golf, lacrosse, field hockey, robotics, guitar, sing, and piano. They are involved in American Heritage Girl Scouts, Young Life, FFA, Youth Group at Roseland United Methodist, and G-Students.

    Parents - Bill and Janet Tyler

    Brother- Rodney Tyler

    Runs the family business - Village Printing in Asheboro, NC

    Dogs not pictured - Bella and Fluffy

    Bird not pictured -Pookie


  • I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies with all of the twins activities, but I do enjoy being their scout leader Tuesdays and youth leader on Wednesdays. The hobbies that I enjoy are working out at the gym, watersports at Badin Lake, paddleboarding, beach trips, and failing at crafts. I enjoy trying new adventures, spending time with family and friends is the best.